Help getting new dress shoes

Hello, like about a year ago, I bought some new dress shoes (I am a by the way male) that are now tearing apart. I have tried to take care of these shoes ever since the day I bought them and have treated them better than my old shoes (which I had for about 4yrs already) which do not have a single tear on them. I know it is because of the material they are made of and I was hoping if someone could give me a list of some sort of the type of material should I buy my next shoes. I would need it to be very long lasting and also cheap. I would also prefer if some one could give me a list if brands that best fits the category of what I need my new shoe to be like.

So what I need is a cheap and long lasting shoes that I can find at almost any cloth store. I would actually perfer the list of brands than the the list of material/fabric.

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