My second question here! I absolutely love to wear hats! I think just as every man needs a suit, they need a hat. My question is about the different styles of hats, how formal each of them are, what occasions can I wear them for and signs of quality. I usually wear a Flat Cap for casual events, by casual I would mean jeans/shorts and a t-shirt/shirt. For events where I have to wear a blazer and a tie I usually wear this hybrid hat, imagine a cross between Panama and a Fedora and it’s black. I also wear a straw hat when I’m riding, it’s almost like a Stetson but not completely. When I wear traditional clothes, I’m from Pakistan, I obviously wear traditional hats, like a Qaraqul or a Pakul.

Thank you!

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  1. Forgot to mention, I also wear a ferozee Pagri, with a side fan, for school functions. I go to an old British school here.

  2. My casual every day hat is a Panama straw hat. I usually wear those with shorts to give it that relaxed look. Slacks can also work with the Panama hat, pair it with a comfortable buttoned up shirt. I usually wear loafers or leather sandals with that outfit.

    Felt hats are to go with suits, but if the weather is too hot I would skip on the hat. Back in the day everyone wore their fedoras everywhere. A felt fedora is more classy so I would not wear shorts with it. Slacks, dress pants, lace up shoes, jackets, buttoned up shirts will all work.

    Anyways what it comes down to is confidence and individuality. That is what hats are for anyways. For example I have seen guys pull off a bowler hat (Very rare look now a days) with a Nat Nast shirt, slacks and sandals. It looks legit on them, I would feel like a clown in that attire but it works for them.


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