Hat style collection?

I would like to know in professional opinion and suggestion.What is a maximum collection of hat styles between a dress and casual wear to a man’s wardrobe? Or what is the rule in men style world should a man own? For instance; a man owning 50 baseball caps”. Does that amount permitted on man’s wardrobe? Just really curious! Since I’m in the middle of changing my wardrobe from head to toe.thanks!

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  1. Though my opinion is by no means professional on this particular matter – I will only be purchasing my first hat in two weeks – I wanted to leave a couple of notes. Firstly, the maximum number of hats is only set by factors such as your budget to buy them, or space to store them. If you have plenty of both, you can always start building a collection, though I honestly believe your money would do better elsewhere.

    A second pointer is the type of head wear you might look for. You mention baseball caps, and from what I can see from across the pond, those are immensely popular in the US. Think about the type of man who wears such caps though… Is this man wearing short and a t-shirt? Or does he wear a well-fitted suit? The latter seems unlikely, though of course I have not walked around in the US to see such combinations actually appear.
    Given their highly casual style, baseball caps really should not be worn with classic clothing items such as a suit or a sports jacket, as they will bring down your overall looks no matter what team you are supporting. Consider instead a more classic hat, like a fedora (or panama for the summer) or a flat cap if you are not quite ready to wear a fedora.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks! for your answer,and i agree with the hat collection,but what i’m curious about how many for instance fedora hats,and flat caps a man should or appropiate to a least own? I was using 50 baseball caps as an example ( babseball fans collect that many that’s why i indicated that many),although,i don’t own that many;however,i do have few.I trying to get rid of many as possible ,and keep some? what do you think? i wouldn’t wear any outside my job.I wear a batman cap in my custodial uniform at work. I’m more interested in fedora caps i own three,and four flat caps three winters,and spring/summer wear. I need a maximum number in your opinion thanks,

  3. My apologies for the misunderstanding, I am glad to hear you are wearing fedoras and flat caps. There is a supposed minimum to the number of hats you should own, although that is not strictly adhered to nowadays. Back when fedoras were common, one would buy a hat together with a new suit or overcoat, assuring that the hat would always coordinate properly with the rest of the outfit. Thus, ideally, the mininum number of hats is equal to the amount of suits and overcoats you have. Skip a couple if a suit is the same color as an overcoat or you have a couple of suits that are close to identical in color. This method would, in theory, also give you a maximum number of hats. You would have a perfectly matched hat for every outfit, so there would not be any need for additional ones.

    That being said, a good collection of fedoras would comprise: 1 black, 1 dark grey, 1 light grey, 1 brown and any other color you may need with the suits/overcoats you have. I am not that into flat caps, but I suppose you should get along with a similar collection. This excludes summer headwear such as panama hats. Those are typically a straw-like color, so you might only need two: one with a black and the other with a white band.

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