What Hairstyles Look Professional But Still Casual?

As a young man growing up my hairs always been kind of long and messy and I was wondering what type of hairstyles allow a man to have a casual look on a day to day basis but also professional when needed.

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  1. Too many answers to give you in just one post. There’s a ton of styles that can be professional by day and casual by night, especially if you’re willing to use a little product. Your best bet is to find a stylist who’s been at the job for a while and mostly works with male customers (or if not mostly, at least sees a good number of them each week).

    For an office-appropriate professional look, start with something that’s up off the back of the neck. Longer hair CAN work in a professional environment, but only done very well, and it’s tougher to land a job with. Start short, neat, and trimmed and expand your style from there.

    The basic guidelines my father always had me tell the stylist were “out of the eyes, above the ears, and off the back of the neck.” And that really leaves you a fair amount of hair left to style, if you get someone who knows his business. Can be anything from buzzed short to longer with a bit of a wave to it as long as it’s neat and within that basic framework.

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