Going in style in a casual attire weekday to weekend

Hello there,I would like to know what is your suggestion on casual attire outerwear?Such as a pair of jeans,collar shirt,leather belt,shoes whether a loafer or laced.I have a 31/4 length wool coat,and a long trench as well! A leather jacket with painted Batman figure on the back,and a reg.jacket with batman patches all over.I need a suggestion on the appropiate attire on a daily wear? Thanks!!

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  1. Provided that you are not going into any particularly formal situations, rotating through all of the items you describes would be appropriate. Precisely what items you should wear, however, can only be answered by yourself, because only you know what items in your wardrobe work well with each other, what you will be doing each day, and your personal preferences.

  2. Im going to be straight with you. I would suggest that you get rid or your Batman clothes, even though I love Batman myself, but thats just not what you would want to wear if you are going in stlye. I would invest in some nice button up shirts, polos, or simple t-shirts like solid colors or striped. As for jackets, im not sure what you are willing to spend but there are plenty of stylish options out there as far as jackets go but if I am going out somewhere that might require a jacket I go with my Ralph Lauren tan jacket. It isnt that heavy though so as far as that goes, the long trench looks good over almost anything. I hope this helps

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