First off Thank You to whoever answers this question. Your input is well received and appreciated.

This summer Joseph a Banks and the Gary Sinise foundation have put together a uniforms for success drive to help provide suits for veterans entering the workforce. You are limited to their executive suits and while they may not be the high end suits that many people on this website are accustomed too they are a great starting point and I’m very happy to see someone making a useful contribution.

My question is this:
I am a six foot tall man, thin but in good shape. I already have a charcoal grey suit that I got a few years ago after my wedding. I have heard that navy blue suits are a good second suit but I want something that stands out since I will be graduating from college this year. I’ve already seen several people in my class show up to job fairs wearing very similar suits that just…well you are just a face. So I’ve decided that I want either a medium grey or a light grey suit so that I have a second option to my charcoal especially during the hotter months here in Virginia. I’m leaning towards the medium grey since its more forml but still helps me stand out in a crowd. Which of these would better prepare me to set myself apart without crossing any professional lines. I want to make good use of this very generous offer. I also like tighter patterns like the herringbone because they are only noticed when you are closer so any recommendations there would also be appreciated. I think they add a little depth but again I am just getting my sea legs.

Oh before I forget, my degree is International Relations: Strategic Intelligence Studies so I will primary be chasing a career in foreign affairs. I understand different careers have different codes but I really don’t want to dress like a politicians aide.