Front pocket sewn together?

In every suit jacket i have seen, the front pocket have been sewn together. Is it supposed to be this way? Do you have to cut it up? Am I buying the wrong suits? If it is supposed to be this way, how do you go about putting in a pocket square?

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  1. All suits (as far as I know) come with sown pockets, not only the front one, but all the rest, unless someone already opened them. When you take it to the tailor (chances are that you will have to [at least the trousers]) you can ask him to open it (them) for you. And yes, the pocket square goes there, if the tailor didn’t open it for you, it’s really simple, carefully use scissors to open it, the thread is thin and easy to tear. Good luck!!!

  2. The above comment is correct, the pockets on most suit jackets will be sewn shut, and can be opened easily by a tailor or yourself if you are very careful – the stitched used to bind the pocket are usually quite easy to spot. Generally the manufacturer will not sew up the entire pocket, but leave a small gap on one or both sides to help you get started and to show you that the pocket is in fact there (you can put your finger in the hole and feel the lining).

    This is generally done because if the pockets are constantly used the lines of the suit will become less sharp, so they give you the option of preserving those lines or opening the pocket and using them (it also stops people destroying those lines before the suit has even been sold by shoving their hands in them).

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