Fabric types for pants/trousers

Hi Antonio,

Can you please do a video providing information about what to look for in pants/trousers, ie: is there a difference between pants and trousers? Also, specifically regarding fabric, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wool vs. polyester or cotton.

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  1. The difference between “pants” and “trousers” depends on which side of the Atlantic you’re on — over here in the USA we use them interchangeably, with some people thinking of “trousers” as specifically referring to dressier styles, while in Great Britain the word “pants” means your underwear and “trousers” are any kind of long pants at all.

    Wool is the nicest-looking and often the most comfortable, but it’s also expensive and can’t be machine-washed. It can also be very hot in the summer, although there are tropical-weight wools with looser weaves that aren’t too bad.

    Cotton is cheap and easy to care for but doesn’t fall or crease as nicely as wool. It’s also less breathable, so cotton pants in the same weight as wool will actually feel hotter. Light cotton with a loose weave is great in the summer; heavy twill not so much.

    Linen is an option you didn’t mention that doesn’t crease (pressing it is actually pretty hard on the fabric) and wears a little more loose and wrinkly. It’s good for casual warm-weather clothes.

    Synthetics like polyester have exactly one beneficial property: they’re cheap. Other than that, there’s not much reason to buy them. They’re hot, stiff to the touch, don’t drape well, and have a weird plastic-like texture that people can see from yards away. Steer clear.

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