Dry Cleaning Suit Trousers

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I’ve read numerous articles about dry cleaning a ‘suit’ and would like to check that this also encompasses the trousers also?

Would it be appropriate to brush trousers, to steam them every once in a while and to dry clean 2-3 time a year as is recommended for suit jackets?

Also, in terms of the practicality of the above method, what quantity of trousers would you recommend for a man who wears suits & trousers at least 5 times per week?

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  1. Yes, dry cleaning a suit would include the trousers as well. Sometimes though, trousers need to be washed more often than suits but this would depend on the usage, where you wore them and etc.

    These articles might help:



    Also, i think 5 would be a good number for trousers, this article on building an interchangeable wardrobe should help as well http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mens-clothing-flexibility/

    Hope it does!

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