4 Replies to “How Can I Dress Well with a School Dress Code?”

  1. If the general category of clothing you can wear is fixed, focus on the fit and quality of the clothing and on any personal touches you can add.

    In this case, since you have to wear khaki trousers, work on finding a pair with a good close fit and no sagging in the seat/crotch. (You may want to buy them a little long and have them hemmed, if you’re young enough to still be growing.) A slightly darker tan color can also help you stand out, since it meets the requirement but isn’t what most of the other men will be wearing.

    Pastel shirts works the same — 15 is probably too young to be buying custom-made shirts (unless you’re going to a VERY exclusive private school there), but you can have a tailor take in the sides of your shirts so that they don’t have the “spare tire” billow around the waist when they’re tucked in. Also be sure to look for unusual colors rather than just the safe default of pale blue. Yellows, pinks, lavender, and even pale orange or seafoam green are all acceptable men’s shirt colors that fit into the “pastel” category.

    You might also want to invest in some good-looking leather dress shoes. Casual, light brown ones are fine, but something with a bit of detail will help you stand out as “well-dressed” even in a crowd of guys who are all theoretically wearing the same uniform look.

  2. What you can do to is to wear a classy, pair of black or brown shoes with matching black or brown belt to look more stylish and add a cardigan sweater or blazer for a well dressed school boy look.

    Good luck!

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