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ok, so I’m 44, have two kids (8 and 10), but I feel young, I’m very fit, active, and most people guess my age a decade younger. So, I’m not ready to wear floral golf shirts paired with polyester shorts and generic sneakers with black socks halfway up my leg (is that a good enough description of the stereotype I’m deathly afraid of?). I like to dress with style and without succumbing to the more boring choices that seem to creep in with “age.” I still care about how I look. Just to be clear, I don’t graviate towards the kinds of clothes the typical highschool kid wears – I’m not that bad. What to do?

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  1. Do you…seriously. You have to be comfortable. It depends what look YOU are going for…its up to you whether you want to dress your age, younger, or older…when you decide that, then its easier to start answering questions of what you should wear because you know what identity you want to portray. If you don’t know what you want to do and what you should be striving for, you shouldn’t let someone else decide. If you want to dress young, its fine, but as you said, don’t start going too extreme into it unless people will see through you. I like how Antonio said it in one video…when you go for Style instead of fashion, what you wear at 20 can still look good at 40 or 50 (provided you haven’t put on an extraordinary amount of excess weight between those times…) so go for timeless looks that can look good at any age…

    Personally I’d rather be dressed in such a way that if I’m around adults I look clean-cut and respectable, if I’m around younger kids I’ll look young to them still but clearly closer to adult than teenager, and if I’m around other 19 year olds…I will likely look a little better than them (since I’m more into dressing slightly older for the time being), but not so much so that I’m astranged from them.

    If I were you (and I’m not, consider what you want to strive for like I said), I would dress in such a way that if you want to look younger (which is the vibe I’m sort of getting here) that you can hang out with a group of people 5-10 years younger than 30 and they can still know you have more experience than them, but at the same time dress in such a way that reflects your youth despite experience, and therefore you can still be reasonably dressed if other people your age walk by and see you hanging out with the 30 year olds, that you’re not selling out and pretending you’re 30, because you’re still dressed in a way a 40 year old would respect. So strike that balance…and that often comes from having stylish clothes over fashionable ones.

  2. I really like the look I get from clothes at Express (fitted, clean, not stuffy). I stay away from what I call “billboard” clothes – like shirts that have in-your-face branding all over it. I like slim fit or straight leg jeans (not “skinny”).

    thanks for the thoughtful reply.

  3. Yeah, that is a good look. Also if you want to spice things up, substitute different colors into your rotations. Instead of walking around in a typical blue or white dress shirt under your sports jacket (or without if you don’t wear them)…you can try a different color. Salmon, a nice green, orange, something else. That is a classy way to not be boring. Its the simple changes that stand out of the most. When people go overboard to revamp a style, they usually go out of style if you see what I mean. For slim fit, the 5th and lamar website has good tops. Slim fit pants, there are many brands, and seeing as I’m only 19, I won’t name all the brands because you likely can afford much more expensive ones than I.

    And I try to respond because if we all think someone else will respond, no one will give answers, which annoys the people asking. I know that first hand haha.

  4. You are probably far worse off than you think. One questions do you own or have ever worn a TapOut shirt? If you shop at express you might be ok but your are not dressing your age.

  5. MrModernGentleman, I did not ask if I was dressing like trailer trash. No, I’ve never owned, nor would I ever wear a TapOut shirt or anything along those lines. I don’t shop at Abercrombie or Aeropostalle either in case you’re wondering. I can get away with a younger look because I’m fortunate in that I don’t look my age and I take care of myself. (I’m 5’9 and 155lbs, so it’s not as if I’m trying to stuff a body that looks old and inactive into clothes that doesn’t fit). I try to dress sharp, but I also hate that middle aged boring look I see so much of (really, it creeps me out). Also, it’s not like I’m hanging out with twenty-somethings at the clubs – there’s a difference between ‘looking’ below your age, and ‘acting’ like it.

    For most people that don’t know me, they have a hard time believing I’m over 30. This is were the dillema stems from. People that don’t know me think I dress sharp and look young, but people I’ve known for my whole life give me a hard time (in fun), but they also have not maintained themselves (they don’t work out, overweight, no style, etc)

  6. Hmmm I think I know what you mean. Just because you wear a suit it doesn’t mean you have to look boring. You can always spice it up with a great tie or patterned shirt. You can always wear shoes that are in current style or fashion. Hair style also goes a long way in complementing your outfit. You and I are almost the exact size, and you look about the age that I am. You should look into some designer shirts. They have some great patterns that would look awful in the office but great on a casual night out or in the club. I have my core wardrobe of solid shirts then I also have my casual shirts for when I go out. Most of my casual long sleeves have a designer pattern that look great without a tie. The biggest drawback is that I almost always need to have them tailored to fit properly. I also have a few satin shirts that look far more casual and more youthful when at a club or a bar compared to a normal flat colored shirt. When I say satin I don’t mean it looks glittery it just has a nice sheen to it that says Im ready to party.

  7. I suggest you join The Style System. They have a lot of information there including how to dress your age without looking inappropriate or awkward… 🙂

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