6 Replies to “Can I Wear a Dress Shirt with Jeans?”

  1. Sure — a pair of decent jeans with a dress shirt and a casual jacket is basically my default “around town” outfit. It’s comfortable and appropriate in just about any non-work setting.

    To wear it well, make sure you’re wearing dark-colored jeans (darker than the traditional light blue twill) with a pretty close fit.

    The shirt probably shouldn’t be plain white, which is a bit dressy, but anything with a bit of pattern or color will work. Tuck it in, of course, and try to stick to shirts that fit close at the bottom so that you don’t get a “spare tire” around your waist.

    A leather belt and shoes adds a bit of class, as does a casual jacket with a pocket square. If you’re not wearing a jacket, go for an interesting shirt, something with some patterning to it.

  2. Thanks Geoffrey.
    With the white shirt & Jeans – You mentioned its a bit dressy, but could it still work for maybe a smart casual look ?
    Also would you roll up your sleeves in any situation ?

  3. I like to at least have a jacket if I’m wearing jeans and a white shirt. Just blue jeans and a plain white shirt makes me feel like I’m Amish or something — too plain. But there’s no rule against it or anything.

    I roll my sleeves when it’s comfortable to, and when I’m not in any kind of business setting. For casual and social settings I think it’s fine. There’s a whole video on it on the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel; I’ll see if we can get that posted for you.

  4. Yes. You can wear jeans with your dress shirt. Just a few, simple rules like wearing dark jeans, wearing a dress shirt that you can tuck in but not loose so it doesn’t look like you have a muffin top. The shoes will be the make or break for this outfit, just go with less dressy shoes but makes you look more sharp and presentable.

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