What Kind of Collar Should My Dress Shirts Have?

I know there are several different collar styles, and some are more old-fashioned than others. What’s a good modern collar style that won’t stand out too much but looks sharp?

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  1. Here’s your basic run-down on turn-down styles of collars:

    Point: This is the most common type, where each side of the collar comes to a point on your upper chest. They can vary in size and angle, but are usually pointed more downward than outward and don’t spread too far apart. It’s a good neutral style that works for most men.

    Spread: This is the same basic style as a point collar, but the points angle more outward and are spread wider apart from one another. The points are also usually shorter, and end higher on the chest. It’s a good style for men with large faces, or men who like a big knot in their necktie.

    Button-down: This is a typical point collar with small buttonholes at the tips and corresponding buttons on the shirtfront. It’s practical and stays in place, but is less dressy than a point or spread collar. You shouldn’t wear them with business suits.

    Pin: This resembles a button-down collar but uses a metal pin to connect the tips of the collar rather than buttons holding them in place. It’s a nice style to wear with neckties, since the pin lifts the knot up a bit and adds a small metallic detail for people to notice.

    Tab: In the same family as the pin, this style uses small metal tabs to fasten the collar points down. It’s probably the most complicated and least common style of turndown collar.

  2. And here’s a video all about dress shirt collars, from our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. Point collar is the best and most versatile, and never wear a button down with a suit or a tie. Simple as that.

  4. I’d go with a regular one! Not spread, not button down collar, just regular.

    Save the button downs for casual shirts only, and spread for casual shirts as well.

    If you have the right face shape for spread collar then get spread collar dress shirts.

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