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  1. Normally this is the kind of thing you would ask during the job interview or on your first day at work, so the Human Resources people (or whoever it was that interviewed you) should know. Asking your boss is another option, as they’re the people who are going to notice if you don’t follow the code.

  2. Thank you for your Answer.
    I’m sorry, I didn’t explain myself in my first question. The thing here is I’m not getting interviewed in any Company. I’m trying to make a research about the dress codes of Companies in the area.
    Should I go directly to Human Resources?

  3. Yep, call the HR departments and ask. If you don’t work at the company they’ll probably want to know why you’re calling, thought.

  4. Yes, I suggest call the Human Resources first before you visit the company for your intention. This is more proper and professional especially if you’re doing a market research on dress codes.


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