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  1. There’s no short answer to that question. Most major retailers seem to carry few, if any, double breasted suits but that doesnt’ man you can find them. Thrift stores tend to have quite a few if you’re willing to go second hand and can find what you like. Alternatively quite a few custom manufacturers sell double breasted as one of their options depending on your price point.

  2. I’m a pro at finding great deals at thrift stores and consignment shops. That being said, you would be better off buying a double breasted suit new. You will find plenty of double breasted suits at thrift stores if you are a fan of the one on six style but those are a bit out of fashion and who knows when they will be back in. Six on six is what’s in style right now and you will have a really hard time finding those second hand.

    A good strategy for finding what you want would be to use the internet to locate stores in your area that would have the suit you like in stock. Some may even order one in your size if they don’t have it in stock.

  3. I believe I’ve heard Antonio talk about suits, an how some fit different body shapes, if you think your body is appropriate for that kind of suit, then that’s the first step. He also warns to avoid the ones that have the V-lined buttons (or something like that). I found mine at Dillard’s but Burlington Coat Factory has them as well. Just make sure the shoulders fit you perfectly, the rest you can tailor. Good Luck!

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