Does it matter what you wear on you finger?

Hello there,may ask a question,i would like to know does it matter what type of gold ring you wear with a formal attire,such as name ring,a comicbook character such as the Batman etc.Due to the fact i bought a 300.00 – 500.00 custom 14 kt.batman ring personalized with my initial inside,and ring.I would like your opinion? thanks! Ps.on amazon i saw comicbook character cufflinks,that i thought it look so cool.

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  1. it absolutely does matter what you choose to wear in terms of jewellery. There’s nothing wrong with spicing things up a little or wearing some personal flair if it’s tasteful but be aware of who you’re dealing with. If your boss likes to wear funny ties and it’s a company gathering I would say the ring would be fine, for a job interview at a conservative company I would definitely leave it off.

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a fan and wanting to express that but you always have to choose which version of yourself you’re putting forward and sometimes the comic book lover isn’t going to be the best choice.

  2. That’s a true statement you’ve made,and i clearly understand;However,it’s been on mind to change my wardrobe,and be more in style.

  3. Keep in mind that there are certain jewelry pieces that you wouldn’t want to wear when you’re in a professional environment and dress code is to be taken seriously. As for your ring, might I suggest that you just wear it in a non-working environment like hanging out with your friends or a social event where you can actually wear your ring as a symbol of yourself. Think about what you are representing, is it the young adult who loves comic books or the man who represents success and is serious in his career.

    Good luck!

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