5 Replies to “Do Trousers Have to be Darker than Shirts?”

  1. It’s good general advice but not a hard-and-fast rule. You usually want your shirt to be lighter than your trousers because that encourages people’s eyes to go naturally from your lower body upward, and that makes their gaze move easily up to your face (where you want it).

    That said, there’s plenty of reasons you might wear a shirt darker than your trousers. The most common example would probably be a light-colored suit with a darker shirt, or a pair of khakis with a light blazer and a dark shirt. A tie that stands out against the dark background is usually a good idea in these cases, since it helps pull that viewer’s gaze on upward.

    So while you want to avoid outfits like light trousers with a black shirt and no other items/accessories, it isn’t necessarily a fixed rule that the shirt has to be lighter than the trousers.

  2. Tan pants with a darker shirt and a blue blazer is a very standard look for me.

    I’m seeing that white pants are making a big appearance this spring as we head into Easter. There’s nothing lighter than that! They go especially nice with pastel shirts.

  3. Shirts lighter than pants are usually good, but I guess it depends.

    I’ve worn shirts that are darker than the pants, so you never know. Just depends on colour co-ordination I guess haha.

  4. Ivory pants and a black shirt look amazing together and you don’t want to wear a similar shade shirt if your wearing white pants

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