Do I Need a Clip to Make a Dimple My Necktie?

I’ve seen famous person like President of USA and Donald Trump always have a nice dimple on their tie. However I find it hard to maintain it and the dimple always flatten. I’ve seen a website selling dimple clip and I’ve tried it. It works, but is it necessary?

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  1. You don’t need a separate product to put a dimple in your tie. It’s more a matter of buying a tie that has some body of its own — a cheaper, lightweight tie may flatten over time because it doesn’t have the stiffness of weave to hold a shape.

    Whatever knot you’re tying, it’s going to finish with the front of the tie slipping down through a loop, which then pulls tight. Before you pull that loop tight, put a finger in the center of the tie and pinch the edges, making a dimple in the center. Then tighten the knot up, pinning the dimple in place.

    Takes maybe ten minutes of practice in a mirror. Make the dimple before the final tightening, then adjust a bit with your fingertips if needed. Nothing else to it.

  2. Just to be clear, I’ve removed the link to a specific company’s website and changed the text of the original question slightly to make it more generally-applicable. Questions about specific types of products are welcome, and I think our readers can learn a lot from discussions about individual items, but please don’t try to use questions here as advertisements!

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