Diffrent ties

Hey Antonio, I just landed a new job where i need to wear a suit everyday with a mandatory tie, and i am a really big fan of yours btw! I wanted to know whats the diffrence between skinny , slim and regular ties and if theres some hidden meaning to each one and for what occasions are each one for. And thank you for your videos, they really changed my life.

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  1. Each of the ties is, as you might suspect, a different width. A regular tie will be around 3.5 inches at the widest point, and anything over about 3.75 is heading into ‘wide’ territory. Slim ties tend to be around 3 inches wide.

    As for skinny vs slim, I’ve answered a previous question here on the matter and as far as I can tell the difference is that a skinny tie tends not to taper outwards toward the base, while a slim tie is just a thinner version of the regular tie. The problem here is that the terms tend to be used interchangeably, so I’m not entirely certain of this.

    There are no hard rules governing which type of tie should be worn at a particular time, but I would not that the skinny ties are usuallyless formal and heading more in the direction of fashion.

  2. I’d agree that “skinny” and “slim” aren’t fixed, different styles of tie. The terms get used fairly interchangeably. “Skinny” is probably the more common of the two. In either case you’re probably talking about something around 3″ or even narrower at its widest point (right before it starts to taper to the point, if there is a point).

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