2 Replies to “What’s the Difference Between Single and Double Breasted Jackets?”

  1. Single-breasted suits don’t overlap when fastened. The two sides of the jacket opening join at the narrowest point, usually with either two or three buttons, but the sides never lay one on top of the other.

    Double-breasted suits overlap. One side (with buttonholes) folds over the other side (which has corresponding buttons), and the buttons go through the holes to secure the suit in place. Most double-breasted suits have a set of non-working buttons sewn onto the top breast opposite the working buttons.

    Either one can be worn in business and professional settings where suits and tie are the appropriate outfit. A double-breasted suit should not, however, be worn without a tie, and it is considered the slightly more formal option. You will also leave a double-breasted suit buttoned when you sit, while single-breasted suits are unbuttoned.

    Double-breasted blazers are uncommon but not unheard-of. These should be worn with good dress trousers and a necktie. A double-breasted sports jacket or a casual-patterned double-breasted suit would be either a fashion experiment or a fashion mistake — usually both.

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