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  1. Good question. The three sometimes get worn interchangeably, especially among men who are in the habit of wearing their suit jackets with different trousers to create a “sport jacket” look. But they’re three different things:

    Blazers are specifically a solid-colored unmatched jacket with patch pockets. They’re most traditionally done with metallic buttons, although you can have a blazer with non-metallic ones, and navy blue is the most common color. At the point where it has a distinctive pattern or texture, or multiple thread colors, it’s no longer a blazer. Blazers are typically worn closer-fitted than sports jackets, with more of a taper at the waist.

    Sports jackets (sometimes incorrectly called “sportcoats”) are unmatched casual jackets. They are typically done in a patterned cloth or a textured weave, and can be made out of rough threads like the classic tweed jacket. It usually has flap pockets, and may feature additional practical (and casual) elements like ticket pockets, button flaps, and elbow patches. Sports jackets tend to be the most loosely-fitted of the three, and may not have as sharply-tapered a waist.

    Suit jackets come with an accompanying pair of matched trousers. They can vary in material and pattern, but are usually more conservative than sports jackets. The material is usually a finer wool and the pockets are sometimes jetted.

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