4 Replies to “Can Deck Shoes Go with Dark Slacks?”

  1. Basically, yes. I’m not sure about the brown shoes and black slacks — you usually don’t want brown and black right next to one another, though I’ve seen it work in a few outfits. But for a casual look, dark slacks and brown boaters/deck shoes/plimsolls are just fine.

  2. I’ve seen this many times and not once have I seen it and thought to myself it looked good. It’s not terrible but there are better options such as loafers. The more formal impression trousers give is taken away buy the casual nature of deck shoes. Loafers are more sleek, thus more formal in nature making them accompany with pants better.

    My opinion on deck shoes is that they should only be worn with an exposed ankle. So this means without socks or very with short ones along with shorts (obviously) or with chinos or jeans that have been rolled up. The later is a very youthful look that I wouldn’t recommend for older men but that’s my opinion as well.

    You should never wear these to an ‘Office meeting’ as you describe. ‘Office meeting’ translates to me at least trousers and a business shirt, so unless your office is in Hawaii to do so would be as much a faux pas as wearing crocs. Loafers would serve you better here but you may even want to go a step up in the formality ladder depending on your environment.

    My advice is that if you opt more for pants and aren’t keen on rolling them up I say get yourself some loafers. If you like shorts Deck shoes are better choice. If you like both get both.

  3. Thanks very much Geoffrey and Simon. Very useful stuff there.

    Simon I was kind of getting that impression as well. I’m 24 and I like wearing my deck shoes with all kinds of Chino’s but I think with the slacks/pants it may be a bit much. Time to invest in some nice brown loafers so.

    I still love my deck shoes though hehe

    Thanks again.

  4. I agree with Simon on this one, Deck shoes are more proper worn without socks and since your ankles are explosed, it’s a bit too much for a navy or black slacks. It’s more appropriate for a casual look like a striped dress shirt, white trousers and blazer.

    Hope this helps!

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