3 Replies to “How Do Dark, Fitted Jeans Work in a Man’s Wardrobe?”

  1. They’re a good idea? I guess it depends on what you’re asking.

    Dark, close-fitted jeans (at the waist and crotch; you don’t need them hugging your ankles down at the cuff) are a good choice for casual dressers who still want to look nice.

    They’re denim, so they’re openly casual, but the dark color and closer fit than work jeans make them a stylistic gesture as well. You can wear them with casual sports jackets and just about any good-looking shirt under the jacket, collared or not.

    Some offices will allow dark jeans as acceptable work attire and others won’t. There’s no real hard and fast rule on that one, apart from what your boss tells you and the fact that if everyone else is wearing slacks you probably shouldn’t be wearing jeans.

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