cuff links

First off I have seen the real men real style video on the subject.

I have two questions, first will dull black metal cuff links clash with the steel of my watches and belt buckles? And second, what is the formality of cuff links that have a chain attaching the two sides (they weren’t covered in the video), is it the same as the ones with the swivel bar, since they both have moving parts? or is it like the shank cuff links since they can both be decorated on multiple sides?

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  1. The formality has more to do with how noticeable they are than with the fastening mechanism. Cufflinks with a decoration on both side are bulky, and therefore a little more prominent, but small ones in dark metal are still probably business-appropriate.

    Mixing metal colors usually isn’t the best look, but if you’re going to do it a dark metal on the cuffs with a bright metal belt buckle is the best way to do it. Cufflinks right next to a non-matching watch is dicey, though.

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