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Hello, I’m going on a three-day cruise in a week, and I have a question about what are some good clothes to bring. About me, I’m 31, medium/dark brown hair, medium complexion, 6’6″, fit/athletic build and 220 lbs.

I generally dress casual, usually jeans and t-shirt with button down shirt on occasion. I understand that shorts would be a good idea, but I usually don’t wear them. I like to keep things on the simple, but effective side and try not to over think things when it comes to style. As far as clothes go, what are some recommendations? Thank you.

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  1. The answer depends a lot on your ship/cruise line. Some have much higher standards of dress than others. Where you’re going also matters — shorts are nice in the Caribbean; less pleasant on the North Atlantic.

    I’d recommend at least a suit for dinners (you may need formal attire; check the cruise line’s information), and some slacks and blazers for strolling the deck during the day. If it’s a tropical cruise, you can substitute light khakis and a warm-weather dress shirt or a linen jacket.

    Again, though, it really depends on the cruise and the destination more than anything else.

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