3 Replies to “Is It Okay To Correct Other Men When I See Them Making Clothing Mistakes?”

  1. Simple answer — no.

    People don’t react well to being corrected by strangers. You’re more likely to make sure that the man remembers you being a total jerk than that he remembers how to wear a tie properly.

    That said, there are ways to make a polite correction. Don’t openly say to someone (especially in conversation with other people present as well) that they’re doing something wrong. But if you can catch a quiet moment with no one else around, give your own tie a little tug upward and lean in to whisper “we got some tie slippage — might wanna give yours a tug too.”

    That suggests that the other man knows the rules too and that you’re treating him as an equal, not as someone with less knowledge that you are lecturing.

    And, of course, there’s just plain leading by example — always make sure your own appearance is impeccable, rather than worrying about that of others.

  2. We did a video in response to this question over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

  3. No, it is not. Especially if it is going to be done in front of other people. It actually defeats the purpose of trying to correct that person because all that he will remember is how bad that moment made him feel and nothing else.

    You can try talking about how much you admire a certain (more appropriate) style and the benefits it brings – hopefully, it might give him an idea and make him give his own current style a thought.

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