I Don’t Like the Colors that Look Best On Me. How Can I Get More Color Choices?

I’ve been told by a couple people to stick to low-contrast earth tones, but I don’t like browns or dark greens or anything like that. Should I just wear brighter colors and accept that it’s not going to be perfect, or is there a way to make these into something better?

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  1. It’s possible to overthink your colors, and it sounds like you might be getting some overzealous advice here.

    If you’re a low-contrast man — similar face, skin, and eye colors — than you do want to stick to clothes that transition gently, as opposed to wearing sharp contrasts like white-on-black. Earth tones are often very neutral, and they all tend to go well with one another, so it’s not a bad starting place, but it’s not the limit of your options.

    If you’re not a fan of browns and tans, start with shades of gray for your large body pieces (trousers and jackets). You can wear those with a white shirt or something with a bit of color and pattern. If you’re wearing a jacket and tie, a lightly-patterned shirt can really help reduce the contrast with your tie, as well — just have some shared color elements between the shirt and tie.

  2. I got a similar question from a very frustrated viewer — here was my answer over on the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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