How to Remove “Collar Ring” Stains from a Custom Shirt?

I have a client that asked a question concerning care of his custom shirts. Is there anything to help prevent “ring around the collar”? or at least slow it down.
We live in the Southern States and is constantly warm and humid. Shirts have to be cleaned more because of that, especially shirts that are light, they seem to collect dirt around the collar.
Any thoughts, besides cleaning the shirts more often?

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  1. I’m glad you asked this question. I have the solution. First, wash your own shirts. Dry cleaners do not necessarily do a good job on collars and cuffs and they often break buttons. Go to a hardware store or grocery store and buy a bar of laundry soap. Simply rinse the shirt before you wash it in water and rub the wet bar of soap over the shirt collar and cuffs. Then wash the shirt in warm water. I add laundry soda to my wash cycle. It really helps get all shirts clean. You can use borax too when you wash whites only. Shirts can be hung to dry inside on a clothes drying rack. Or dry on low for a few minutes. Take out and iron immediately.

    Mom would tell you that if a white shirt is particularly dingy around the collar or under the arm, try a little bluing. Mrs. Stewart’s blue rinse is still made. Follow the directions and use very little. But it does refresh whites. Do not use on coloured shirts.

  2. Hand-washing is probably your best solution, as described by Keith. Running it through a machine multiple times won’t do much for a specific stain like a collar ring, and it wears the rest of the shirt down.

    You’ll be surprised at how much you can get out with a bar of laundry soap and five minute’s scrubbing in a utility sink or bathtub. And if you’re feeling lazy you can hand-scrub, then toss it in with the rest of the load for a normal machine wash/dry cycle.

  3. Not that late, Marine! The question’s only from a week or so ago. But it sounds like lots of people are searching for an answer to it, so I’m glad it got asked!

  4. I agree with Geoffrey on this one. Hand wash is the best solution. You can use a powdered laundry soap and water, leave your clothing piece immersed in the soap-water solution for 20-30 minutes before you start scrubbing. Some laundry detergents are strong enough like Tide or Ariel to be able to remove the stain.
    Then you can start hand scrubbing your shirt to concentrate on the area and then use a fabric softener if you want your shirt to feel more softer when you wear it again.

    Good luck!

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