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  1. If you’re not going too far outside, you can get by with “dress” outerwear: a long wool overcoat and a pair of black rubber galoshes over your dress shoes (or a pair of sturdy dress boots, but I usually prefer not to pit mine against really extreme snow and slush). Long underwear beneath a pair of thick wool pants will help the parts of the leg the jacket doesn’t cover to stay warm. Hat companies are also making some very fine felt hats with fold-down ear protectors (wrap-around style, not Elmer Fudd flaps), and those are a great stylish alternative to a stocking cap.

    There comes a point where you need more protection than that, however, and at that point your best bet is just to buy good, warm outdoors gear and take it off and hang it up once you get inside. You won’t look like a million bucks on your way through the snow, but no one looks good shivering and stumbling either. Use some judgment, and don’t let your sense of fashion make you too miserable.

  2. The key to cold weather dressing is layering. It is important that you stay warm even when you want to dress sharp. The idea here is to look well-dressed, not bulky. Fit is another key element to pull off a sharp look during colder months, your clothes should allow you to move freely. You need to have a base layer, insulating layer and protective layer.
    The closer a layer is to your body the thinner it should be. The effect of this is twofold. First, as you get warm and remove layers you will be removing those layers that are providing the most insulation. Second, layering a thin material over a thicker one looks odd, so this tip helps ensure your outfits always look sharp.
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