2 Replies to “What Are Good Cleaning and Protection Products for Suits and Jackets?”

  1. For day to day cleaning, just a good suit brush (you can buy them most anywhere that sells decent suits, or at some cleaners) is all you need. Go over the outside of the suit when you hang it up to get any grit and detritus out of the weave. It’ll reduce wear and tear on the fibers and extend the life of your suit considerably.

    Hang your suits somewhere they can get a little air — not all rammed together on an overcrowded hanger rack. Letting the air circulate will help keep them from gathering odors.

    Dry-cleaning should only be used when the suit has an odor you need cleaned out or you’ve stained it (and in the latter case, be sure to point out the stain specifically to the cleaner so they can treat it first). The dry-cleaning process is fairly hard on wool fibers, so the more often you have it done the shorter the life of your suit will be.

    Weather-proofing compounds should only be used on outerwear. There are sprays you can treat wool with to make it even more water-repelling than usual, but they will change the texture a bit, and can alter colors as well. Use them on your overcoat if it needs the extra protection, but don’t treat suits or sport jackets directly.

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