Collared vs non-collared vest

I really like the look of a collared vest, but I’m wondering what the difference is stylewise between it and a non-collared vest. Which is better suited to wearing with a jacket, can it be a contrasting colour/pattern to the jacket, and why are collared vests so much more rare?

Can you wear a black sweater with brown shoes

I was wondering if I could wear a black sweater with brown loafers.I have two high quality black sweaters, a v neck and a cardigan. They are both very merino wool, and I’ve been wearing them with jeans, dress shirt, tie, and my brown loafers.I want to know if it is okay to wear my black sweaters with my brown loafers.

Tuck in sweater?

When wearing a slim-cut sweater over a dress shirt with dress pants, should you tuck in the sweater hem? I feel´╗┐ like I’ve seen both and I wasn’t sure if there was a “right” way.

Where to buy cashmere sweaters?

Antonio said that you should buy a cashmere sweater, but the pure cashmere ones are very expensive (hundreds of dollars, to quote what he said). The ones I’ve been seeing are very cheap compared to that, only 40 or 50 dollars. Where can I buy a pure cashmere sweater that Antonio was referring to?