A's question on loafers

I would like to buy a loafer but I don’t know what loafer to buy because theres all sorts of styles of loafers. Can you please do a video about loafers, what is appropriate to wear for casual or formal events.

Clothes on a student budget

A question from V:

The problem is, I am a student, and I am living on a low budget. I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on good clothes. If you have some advice about that how could I buy good clothes without spending a lot of money, I would be grateful.

Leather jacket and trousers

Hey everyone,

I just got a new black leather jacket, moto racer style, and I was wondering if you can wear a black leather jacket with navy, brown or pastel green trousers?

Thank you

Match clothing with eye colour

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, should a man match his clothing to his eye colour? If so, how would you match your clothing with blue eyes and brown hair?

Thank you so much.