Bottom suit button to hide medical problems?

Because I have a medical problem, I think that suit jackets look much better on me with the bottom button closed? Is this OK?

I had a serious illness and had surgery. My small intestine now exits through my abdomen. I wear an ostomy pouch to the right of my belly button – this causes a small bulge. I also have a parastomal hernia around the ostomy – and it causes a much larger bulge. It’s a bulge about the size of half a large grapefruit to the right and a bit lower than my belly button. So my abdomen is uneven – it bulges on the right side.

I’ve been shopping for suits and no matter what size I try on, the jacket front will never lie flat. With only one button done, the skirt of the jacket flares open and shows the bottom of my shirt. I am trying fuller, classic cut suits, not trim fit. I find this quite distracting that my shirt shows below the top button – I think it looks sloppy. I feel that when a jacket is buttoned and I’m standing in relaxed position, the jacket should cover the lower part of the shirt. If I button the lowest button, the front of the suit covers my shirt nicely.

Many clothing sales people act as though I’m committing some terrible fashion crime by closing the bottom button, although they are unable to offer any other solution to fit a suit to my hernia bulge.

I have found that wearing a waistcoat and leaving the jacket unbuttoned looks pretty good. I don’t want to always have to wear a waist coat and I would like to be able to button the jacket and have it look reasonably neat?

What should I do?

Buying the Right Suit for A Man on A Limited Budget

Message from C:

The thing that confuses me most about mens style is matching colours correctly,
Getting a tie that goes with the shirt and suit without contrasting etc.

The biggest problem I have with dressing sharp is buying suits. I am on a limited budget and can’t afford many of the nice suits I see in many stores.

The one issue I need help with is probably choosing the right suit.


Question form G.M.

My biggest challenge is I am a little intimidated. The reason being is because I am not knowledgeable about suits and style. Also where can I find a really good tailor? By the way I live in Brooklyn NY.

High School Reunion

Question from Z.S.

I am a high school student. I have an old school reunion
coming. What dress do u suggest for me in an informal occasion and the temperature here is 14-18 C°.

Wedding Suit

Hi Antonio!
I’m getting married in August of 2014. The ceremony is outdoors and at 4:30pm. I’d like to go with a suit rather than a tux. I’m leaning toward a medium grey or black two button suit with a vest. How do I choose the proper suit, proper color, and proper fit for an occasion like this? Thank you for all the advice you provide to us>

color trouser and shoe for black linen jacket

Hey Guys,
I’ll be getting engaged to my girlfriend in a couple of weeks from now. I was planning to wear my black linen jacket and a sky blue coloured shirt with it. I’m however struggling to decide what colour trouser and shoe I should wear with this. I wanted to wear a khakis and brown shoes but have a feeling it may not be a good idea. Please advise on the shade of trouser and shoe I could wear with this.