What type of bag should I be using?

I would appreciate your feedback in regards to men’s hand luggage. That is bags, satchels, etc.
I’am considering a satchel, the fashion balance, the practicality, should a man carry a bag?

Matching Hats with Clothing

Question from C.L.

I’m really into fedoras, and I always find it difficult to match them with what I’m wearing. I have a black one, a white one, and a greyish one. If you could tell me what goes with what I’d be thankful.

Best Collar Stays?

I’m wondering what the best collar stays are. Also, if choosing a magnetic collar stay, I don’t know which accompanying magnets I should get. I’ve found a few but don’t want to purchase anything without input.






Wool Caps

I’m a little confused about the wool cap. It doesn’t seem like a classic menswear but it is necessary to wear it in cold weather. I’d like to know when to wear a wool cap? The pros and cons of wearing a wool cap. What to wear it with?

Leather bags for young professional

I’m a young professional in the accounting/finance world and am looking for a leather bag. I would like it to be a bit on the side of casual but still something that is going to last a long time and look professional when I go to clients. I will be using it nearly every day to and from work to haul papers, laptop and chargers. I have seen some nice ones but they are out of my price range ( price range about $200).

Does anyone know of a brand or store/site I can purchase one from that is good quality for my budget?


Pocket square rotation

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen!
I searched the site and googled my question but can’t seem to find an answer. I’ve noticed that people always align their straight fold pocket square a little bit differently.
How much it is seen and the rotation of it etc.
So, the question is: are there some rules about how I wear my pocket square?
Especially the rotation part. I see some men wear their square tilted to one side while the others wear theirs tilted to the other side.

I’d be very glad if anybody could explain it! 🙂


what looks better with a gray suit and light pink shirt brown or blk shoes


Hello everyone. I have a question that concerns people who allow their phone to ring. I guess that we have all seen people sharply dressed men but at some point in time we hear their funny ringtone.
I would like to know your views on ringtones. Is it okay to let our phones to ring (outside any meeting of course)?
What kind of ringtone would make us look professional and not funny? What kind of ringtone is okay when hanging out with friends?
In the long run I think we might need an article.
Thank you.

Men clutch bag

What’s your take on men’s clutch bag?

I have too many things in my pants pockets and I thought the clutch bag is kinda handy to hold handphones, PDA, namecards, passes, coins etc. It serves a practical need.