Garment bags

After visiting the local thrift stores for the past two years, I have accumulated a wealth of great coats, sweaters and other high end clothing I would like to take care of. I have far too many items for the space available and would like to know the best solution for storing some of these valuable jewels before the moths and black mold takes hold. The topic of garment bags comes up quite frequently when doing a search on the Internet but I would like a more professional opinion on how to properly store these items while the culling process begins to remove the less valuable bits of clothing.

Keeping shirt cuff length at 3/4" under the coat sleeve consistant.

I was wondering how to keep my coat sleeve from riding up my arm exposing more of my shirt sleeve or at times covering the shirt sleeve completely on one arm and showing 4 inches on the other arm. There are times when I have my arms full of items and I cannot pull my coat sleeve down to cover my shirt sleeve. A small inconvenience but one that I was curious about how others handle the professional look of showing only a small part of the shirt sleeve.

Denim Jacket for Tall Guy

Question from TC:

I just wanted some clarity on how denim jackets should fit. I’m 6’1 210 lbs. I recently bought a denim(M). I do not like baggy clothes. It fits nicely(snug)but was wondering if I should have gone one size up.

Pea Coat Buttons

Question from J.F.

It’s currently very cold here, around 3°C (+/- 37°F) and I’m wearing my navy blue pea coat all day long. The question is, should I button all buttons down or leave the last one on the bottom unbuttoned?

Overcoat for suits.

Hi I am looking for an overcoat for my suits but what is the best way to size it up? Do I go one size bigger? Do I still tailor it in? What type of overcoat will last the longest etc?
I mainly wear black, grey and blue suits. Which color should I go for?

Any help would be appreciated.


Blazer/slacks/dress shirts and color coordination

Well, I just bought a blazer for myself. I’m excited about it, looks good, fits good (not great though, but I guess I can get it tailored). It’s light-blue fine stripes on dark blue. Unfortunately it’s fully lined, so I’ll only be able to use it next winter (another year until then 🙁 but, ok), or at night (maybe).

My question is, I’ve got some off-white slacks, olive green slacks, light weight, for hot weather ( I live in the beach, and it gets pretty hot here in mid spring, summer and late autumn ). I was wondering, is it ok if I used my blazer with these slacks? It seems to be way too contrasting colors. Should the dress shirt be light colored too or maybe a blue lighter than the blazer?

Thanks ^.^