Man Seeking Style Advice on Color Coordination

Message from G:

My biggest problem with dressing sharp is coloring – I do know how to dress classy,
But when it comes to colors other than white/black/blue solid colors, I get confused.
Which often makes me have a rather bland look.

The one issue that will help me the most is a color/pattern map – what works best with what.

Color Combination Confusion

The skill of combining colors and layering kinda confuses me. I heard someone say that the ability to succesfully combine clothes is one of the most essential parts of a good style. I would like to know more about it, since I’m a student and therefore money is limited, so I need to be able to combine the more cheap clothes into something stylish.

Combining Colors

Question from F.

My biggest style problem is knowing colors that look good on me and not make me look washed away. Also how to combine those colors without looking awkward because I am a dark complexioned preacher in Nigeria.

Brown and black?

I was wondering if it’s ever okay to match blacks and browns together. I recently began building up the brown side of my wardrobe, and I acquired a camel color v neck sweater, dark brown slacks, and brown chukkas. I wanted to wear the outfit with a black button down underneath but I’ve always heard that matching blacks and browns is taboo, so I’m not sure if I can or not. If it is acceptable to wear the two together, in which cases and does it matter the type of brown?

Shirt fabric types

I’ve been looking into some online tailoirs, and most of them display information about the fabrics, like Single Ply, thread count, weight, etc.

What’s ply, thread count and weight (well, that one is self explanatory) and how do they affect the shirt, the fit and thermal comfort, if they do?

Where Can I Obtain Quality Suit Canvas?

I have managed to find a good tailor who seems to know his stuff – style, cut, fit, fabrics, etc. He’s an older gentleman, from the old school of thought, and says he is well-versed with making fully canvassed suits (an almost dead art in my city), even though of late he has been making fusible ones.

When I asked him about making me a bespoke fully canvassed suit jacket, he said that the quality of suit canvas available in my city/country in recent years has gone down manifold. It’s just not the same as what they used to make, say, 20 years ago. In light of this, he recommends I go with fusible instead, because according to him, going with the current, degraded-quality canvas available in the market would make my suit jacket look even worse than a fully fused suit jacket.

However, he agrees to make me a fully canvassed suit jacket if I manage to procure a better quality suit canvas from somewhere, that matches his standards of what he used to work with back in the day.

So my question is – where do I obtain good quality suit canvas from? Is there any place online where I could order it from? Does anyone still make this item just the same as they used to in the old days?

(I live in Mumbai, India.)

Gary Sinise Uniforms for Success suit color

First off Thank You to whoever answers this question. Your input is well received and appreciated.

This summer Joseph a Banks and the Gary Sinise foundation have put together a uniforms for success drive to help provide suits for veterans entering the workforce. You are limited to their executive suits and while they may not be the high end suits that many people on this website are accustomed too they are a great starting point and I’m very happy to see someone making a useful contribution.

My question is this:
I am a six foot tall man, thin but in good shape. I already have a charcoal grey suit that I got a few years ago after my wedding. I have heard that navy blue suits are a good second suit but I want something that stands out since I will be graduating from college this year. I’ve already seen several people in my class show up to job fairs wearing very similar suits that just…well you are just a face. So I’ve decided that I want either a medium grey or a light grey suit so that I have a second option to my charcoal especially during the hotter months here in Virginia. I’m leaning towards the medium grey since its more forml but still helps me stand out in a crowd. Which of these would better prepare me to set myself apart without crossing any professional lines. I want to make good use of this very generous offer. I also like tighter patterns like the herringbone because they are only noticed when you are closer so any recommendations there would also be appreciated. I think they add a little depth but again I am just getting my sea legs.

Oh before I forget, my degree is International Relations: Strategic Intelligence Studies so I will primary be chasing a career in foreign affairs. I understand different careers have different codes but I really don’t want to dress like a politicians aide.