2 Replies to “Can You Wear Suspenders in Casual Outfits?”

  1. The most traditional answer would be that suspenders shouldn’t be visible regardless of what outfit you’re wearing — they’re a form of “underwear,” and therefore shouldn’t be shown.

    But that’s a very old-fashioned answer, and these days it’s reasonably acceptable to show your suspenders. Just try to keep it to necessity rather than fashion: if you’re wearing trousers held up with suspenders, rather than a belt, and you’re in a casual situation, it’s probably appropriate to shed your jacket and show the suspenders.

    However, if you have pants meant for a belt (i.e., with belt loops), choosing to wear them with suspenders just so you can show off a pair of bright-colored or patterned suspenders is fairly tacky. Stay away from “novelty” gestures and just use the suspenders for what they’re meant for.

    Final word of caution, don’t ever wear suspenders and a belt in the same outfit. It’s redundant and it makes the center of your body look like a rectangle. Not attractive.

  2. I’m pretty sure Antonio will encourage you to opt for a casual belt especially if the pants involved have belt loops. 🙂

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