caring for matte finished shoes

I love shining dress shoes to a perfect, mirror like shine but I recently bought a pair of brown leather chelsea boots that are in a matte finish. What are the methods I can use to keep these boots in tip top shape, since shining them would only ruin the matte finish? I live in a rainy country and I don’t want them going out unprotected. thanks in advance!

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  1. The short version is basically:

    Wax= Shine
    Cream= Condition.

    I personally dont have shiny shoes, all my shoes I like just the natural matte look of the leather. My advise for you is to pick up a shoe cream like Meltonian’s All Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner. My girlfriend uses this stuff on her purses and it works great for all leather. It cleans and conditions like it says so your leather does not crack. To add a layer of protection from the water I would suggest you “Apple Garde” which is a great sealant. It will protect your leather shoes from stains, oils and of course water. Another product I have yet to try is “Leather Honey” which does the same thing as Meltonian.

    Hope that helps!


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