3 Replies to “Can You Unbutton Your Collar While Wearing a Necktie?”

  1. Short answer: you should have the collar button fastened if you’re wearing a necktie.

    Longer answer: You’ll sometimes see guys with the collar button undone and the knot loosened so it’s down near the top shirtfront button, but that’s a sloppy look. You definitely shouldn’t be rocking it at work, and if it’s after work and you want to unwind a little just take the tie off entirely and then undo the collar button.

    Only reason I can think of to wear a necktie and an unbuttoned collar is if you physically can’t get the button to close. And if that’s the case, you’re wearing a shirt that’s the wrong size for you! The collar button should close without any tightness against your skin.

  2. I think it is similar to rolling up your sleeves at the office. When you roll up your sleeves to get a couple hours of work done, by all means, loosen the tie and open up that top button. But the moment you need to stand from your desk to talk to people button it back up and tighten the tie.

  3. As long as you are still at work, keeping the top button buttoned is the way to go. I think unbuttoning your top button with your tie on while still at work looks kind of sloppy. Either wear the tie with the button buttoned or take the tie off and have the button undone – you can most likely get away with the latter when you’re hanging out with your friends, colleagues, etc. some place else after office hours.

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