Can a pen go in the outer suit pocket?

Hi from New Zealand! I am a fountain pen enthusiast and like carrying fountain pens with me, I am wondering if you can clip a fountain pen (or two) on the breast pocket of your jacket as an accessory item and if so, how much of the pen should / can be exposed? If not then what about those pens with military clip where the top of the pen is on the same level as the opening of the pocket so nothing is exposed except for the clip but then it would only be there for functional purposes instead of an accessory item. If nothing is good then I suppose they have to be hidden inside in the shirt pocket… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oops, typo in the title, it should be “Can a pen go on the jacket pocket?” Sorry about that.

  2. You kind of answer your own question. A pen should go in the inside jacket pocket. The outer pocket is for Kerchiefs.

  3. I would agree – save the outer breast pocket for decorative squares. I wouldn’t recommend using a dress shirt pocket either; unless you’re a physical laborer taking notes on a clipboard or a high school student on the math team you shouldn’t be clipping pens to your shirt.

    Nice pens are pretty neat accessories, but they work best when you keep them hidden until needed. Then when you pull them out it’s a tiny little show-stopper moment for the observant men in the room.

  4. I’ve seen a photo of Einstein in a ceremony for getting his US citizenship and he was wearing a suit with a pen in the jacket pocket. Yes, Einstein is not exactly a fashion figure but he was already quite famous at that time and quite a celebrity. I was just thinking if it is good enough for him in such occasion, it should be good for me too!

    Picture can be seen below:

  5. As a Fellow Fountain Pen user, I would have to say that I feel most comfortable with the pen n either the inside jacket pocket or the shirt pocket.

    How I decide which depends on how formal I want to look and what type of pen I am using. Naturally a more formal look will mean that you want to hide the pen more, so the inside pocket is a better choice although for everyday wear the shirt pocket is fine IMO. As for the pen selection, this should be pretty common sense; my daily writers are a Lamy Safari and a Waterman Phileas and just looking at the clips of these tells me that the former should not be ordinarily visible (inside pocket) while the latter has a sharper appearance (shirt pocket).

  6. As a fountain pen enthusiast myself I find a nice gold clip looks pretty good on the outside pocket but only for informal events. Again you have to take into account for the clip itself. For example I love my lamy safari but I wouldn’t want it poking out of my pocket. If it looks great go for it!

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