Can a Tailor Tighten Up Clothes When I Lose Weight?

I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately (which is a good thing!) but now a lot of my jackets are kind of loose, and I have to belt my trousers up so tight that they bunch and wrinkle. Can a tailor tighten these up, or am I looking at replacing my whole wardrobe from scratch? Really hoping there’s something they can do!

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  1. You’ll be limited by the amount of spare fabric in the original garment. You can usually let a suit or sports jacket out a size, for example, which will make room for something like an extra 10-15 lbs. depending on your height. But once you’re out of spare fabric there’s nothing else a tailor can do for you.

    Going the other way is easier. You can take a jacket in a couple sizes, but it moves the pockets and lapels around and eventually the proportions start to look ridiculous.

    The best thing you can do if you’re buying new clothes with the awareness that you’re going to be gaining or losing a lot of weight is to err on the side of oversized clothing. You can take a jacket in a lot more than you can let it out. But there’s a limit to what a tailor can do, and you may end up needing multiple sets of clothing if your weight is fluctuating that much.

  2. We’ve done a couple videos on weight change and tailored adjustments over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel, and here’s one specifically for weight loss:

  3. Yes, if it hasn’t already been done. This is an extremely common clothing alteration, more cloth is simply let out at the seams.

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