4 Replies to “Can a Backpack Look Good?”

  1. Short answer: Usually you can’t look all that sharp in a backpack.

    Longer answer: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever wear one — they’re useful pieces of equipment — but you want to keep them in context. On a hiking trip, sure. With a business suit, no.

    A single-strap leather bag or a briefcase is a better alternative if you’re dressed nicely. Something you’re holding rather than slinging over your shoulder will be easier on the line of your suit, but a good leather bag over one shoulder is presentable (tuck it under the lapel rather than letting it crush the lapel down to make it wrinkle less).

    “Briefcase > messenger-style leather bag > non-leather bag > backpack” is your equation for stylish bags. And if you’re planning an activity so strenuous that you’ll need the double-shoulder support of a backpack, maybe don’t wear your good, stylish clothes.

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