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I exclusivity ware jeans, a mix of brands that I mostly find in thrift shops. Recently my most formal pair gave out on me, which has left me without a dresser option. So my question is this: what is the best brand/maker that I can get for no more than $50?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi Galen, I am a frequent shopper of American Eagle jeans. The price and fit are great, and with their size charts on their website, ordering online leaves no surprises. They also often have 2-for-1 deals or other promotions. Worth checking out.

  2. Probably Levi’s or Lees, in that price range. I like Wranglers as well, but you can’t usually get those in anything but plain workman’s blue. You might be able to thrift or clearance-sale some Ariats if you’re lucky. But the really good jeans are all going to be closer to $100+ for a new pair.

    That said, they’re often worth it — check out the Real Men Real Style article on premium denim, if you get a chance; they make some good arguments:


  3. You can’t go wrong with Levi’s. It’s one of the best brands out there and the quality lasts longer than most of my jeans. I suggest invest in a pair of jeans that you’re not going to waste money on.
    YOu can also go with:
    Tommy Hilfiger
    American Rag
    Nautica Jeans

    Hope this helps!

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