What Should Broadly-Built Men Wear?

Can we have a video with specific tips for us chubby guys? How to avoid wrinkles ( most resistive fabric to wrinkles) and what the best number of buttons for a suit and are there any recommended colors or patterns in the fabric I should look for? Any techniques you recommend to hide the belly and to look in my best shape possible?

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  1. I’ll break my reply up into a couple of the specific questions here:

    Avoiding Wrinkles/Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

    Dark wool for suits/jackets/trousers. Avoid “super-fines” (anything with a three-digit “thread count”) when you buy — those wrinkle more easily and don’t have as heavy of a drape.

    Cotton is most comfortable for dress shirts. It shouldn’t wrinkle on your body if it’s a good think fabric, but you might look for ones treated to be wrinkle-resistant. Just stay away from anything that’s heavily artificial. They don’t breathe, making them easy to sweat through, and a broad-built man definitely doesn’t want armpit stains.

    Jacket Buttons

    Two buttons is ideal, and you want them pretty low down. A broad man benefits from a tall, deep V-shaped opening in his jacket. Something with three-buttons and a shorter opening makes your stomach and chest look bulky and confined.

    Colors and Patterns

    Solid dark colors are best. If you do want a pattern, choose a small-scale one. Bigger patterns look more distorted if they’re bending with the shape of your body — a big windowpane check would look bowed, while a narrow little stripe in low-contrast colors won’t jump out.

    Hiding the Belly

    Wear your trousers at the natural waist, not down just above the hips. Whenever possible use suspenders instead of a belt (don’t leave belt loops empty, though — if the trousers have them, use a belt).

    And always wear a jacket, when you can. The tapered shape is much more flattering than just a shirt.

    Hope it helps!

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