Bold Colored Dress Shirts

Hi Antonio, I want to first Thank You for all of your videos and guides which have helped me dress better and I feel much more confident in the way I dress. I wanted to ask you a question also about wearing bold colored shirts. I was told by a few people that wearing a bold colored shirt (dark purple, hot pink, red, blue (in general bright colors) should not be worn with a suit. So how do you casually wear bold colored dress shirts? what would go well with them? what occasion and is it just a good general rule to not wear/buy them at all?

Thank You

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a bold color shirt with a suit as long as it is appropriate for the situation. Just try to be more conservative with the rest of your outfit.

  2. Best to wear bold colored shirts with a simple suit and minimal accessories, that way, it’s not too overwhelming. Also, when you wear it, own it. Be confident and have fun with it.

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