Black Suit

This question is related to a video Antonio did on black suits.

What is the difference between jetblack and regular black?

Are black suits with subtle, low-contrasting patterns, more versatile than a plain black suit? What are the limitations and tradeoffs of full black and patterned. Again, I’m talking about subtle patterns.

Also, I’m a slim,short Asian male with black hair. Is the black suit a flattering and versatile suit for my body shape? Is it a suit that I can wear to slightly less dressy professional events like teaching a university class? or is a black suit too much for teaching?

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  1. Black suits aren’t bad, or too formal, they’re just a little starker and less versatile than other dark suits. If it’s normal for professors to wear business suits to class, a black one is as acceptable as any other (though at most universities that I’ve seen the profs wear casual suits or blazers rather than business attire).

    A matte or textured/patterned black is much easier on the eyes than a shiny jet black. If you like black suits that’s definitely a good way to tone them down a touch.

    Good questions!

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