4 Replies to “Can I Wear a Black Shirt Instead of White?”

  1. They’re not interchangeable, no. A white dress shirt is the most formal business dress option, and it can be worn with a suit anywhere up to and including the dressiest situations.

    Black shirts don’t fill that niche. A collared black shirt is less formal than a white or light-colored shirt. Stick to wearing them in casual settings, rather than for business. Black turtlenecks or even solid black T-shirts (well-fitted and tucked in) can also look good with jeans and a casual sports jacket.

    There’s also some complexion issues. Pale-skinned guys with light hair just look washed-out in black. Black collared shirts are best if you have the dark hair to go with them, so that your face is fully framed.

  2. I would add that the one situation in which very dark coloured shirts do work well is those situations where the dress is expected to be classy enough to dress up but still very casual (an informal party would be a good example of this).

    The main thing to note is that black shirts are never considered formal (a slight exception might be made for funerals in some communities, though), so if there is any stated dress code it’s probably best to avoid it.

  3. White always looks best for professional occasions. Or other light coloured shirts!

    I love wearing white dress shirts all the time, the only thing is ring around the collar is very noticeable in them, but in my opinion if nobody is going to wear your shirt, or if nobody is going to look at your collar you don’t have to worry so much about getting out the stains. Don’t know if you get them or not.

    But usually, black dress shirts are meant more for funerals or other sad occasions.

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