Biz Casual in Different Countries

Hi Antonio:
For those of us who either have to travel overseas for business or collaborate/entertain foreign colleagues here in the US, what are some of the key differences in business casual in say continental Europe vs. Great Britain vs. East Asia vs. USA? For simplicity i chose major countries like Germany, Italy, UK and HK. I’m sure it depends on the industry you work in, but just to generalize let’s say IT or media where semi-formal suits are not the norm.

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  1. Varies widely from country to country, but you can usually count on Europe to be more fashionable than the US, especially on the Continent. That doesn’t necessarily mean more formal, especially in non-work settings, but you’ll see a lot more men wearing consciously stylish outfits than you would in America.

    The UK tends to be well-dressed but more conservative, especially in business communities. I’d bring a suit if you’re traveling there even if you’re not likely to need it day-to-day at work. A couple blazers/sports jackets will also come in handy.

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