Best shoes and socks to wear with a navy blazer?

For a navy blazer paired with grey flannel pants, what are the best shoes to wear in terms of both color and style?

This is for a business environment, so it should be relatively formal, yet I would think Oxfords are too formal (?) for a blazer.

Also, what color/pattern socks would be best for this combination, or perhaps the same combination but with tan pants instead?

Thank you.

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  1. A navy blazer with gray flannel pants isn’t a big step down from a suit — black balmoral oxfords will still be fine, though not mandatory. They’re not too formal for the outfit. You could also wear a more casual style. Black brogues would be a good pairing, or if it’s not a high-formality business setting (i.e., just around the office, no clients or other outside people present) dark brown would be fine as well.

    The conservative sock choice would be gray to match the trouser color. With blazers and odd trousers I’m always a big fan of an argyle that lays the blazer color over the trouser color (so in this case a gray sock with navy argyle), but it takes time to amass a sock collection with that much specificity!

    A contrasting sock like a light pastel is somewhat daring, maybe a little too much for office wear, but adds some nice style.

  2. The shoes match the trousers, not the blazer. So let us begin first with the trouser. Navy blazers are more traditionally matched with gray (either gray flannel in winter or a gaberdine in summer). So with gray, a black toecap is very nice. Avoid a brogue. I’m with Geoffrey on the argyle sock. It’s a nice look.

    But you can match a navy blazer with those colours other than blue. In the winter, or another muted shade of green works well. Plum is divine if you can find it. In this case a dark brown shoe works well.

    We are coming on to summer. A navy blue blazer can be paired with bright white trousers. Your shoes should be white canvas for a very casual look (no socks). For a more formal look, white bucks with lightly off white socks. Not bright white socks and no way can you wear tube socks. Pair your navy blue blazer with red trousers and wear brown shoes and medium blue socks or complimentary red socks. Bright green trousers work in the summer too.

    To be always avoided are blue trousers with a blue blazer. You cannot make a suit out of these separates.

    Your blue blazer is incredibly versatile.

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