Balding at a young age

As a 21 year old who is beginning to experience male pattern baldness, I’m left wondering what the best course of action is. I have a full head of hair for the most part, but it’s thinning and a couple small bald spots are forming around the back of my head. Would it be best to accept the inevitable shaved head now and just go ahead and do it, or should I keep walking around with a head of thinning hair until it gets extremely noticeable before taking the leap?

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  1. Coming from someone who chose to wait until it was obviously noticeable before doing something about don’t need to start shaving your head, but you should look into short cut hair. Don’t try to hide your balding spots with long hair. It just makes it more noticeable. Don’t wait to act because we men tend to talk ourselves into believing our balding heads aren’t that noticeable, but people notice.

  2. Im not bald but I think Bruce Willis has had the best haircuts for a balding man and most women agree. Look at bruce willis in some of his movies such as Last Man Standing, Sin City, or the last Die Hard.

  3. Lots of women find bald and proud to be sexy.
    Bruce Willis
    Jason Stathon
    Vin Diesel
    Just to name a few examples

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